Trust Fundraiser

For those charities with the personnel already in place to carry out their own fundraising our mentoring
programme provides a cost effective alternative benefitting from our expertise, experience and oversight.

Training And Mentoring

Let us help train, develop, and inspire your team with our ‘Trust Fundraiser’ training and mentoring programme.

We always strive to help in any way we can. Through our years of experience, we know that running, working, and fundraising for a charity can sometimes be a lonely and frustrating place. Therefore, to help charities develop their own in-house skills we have created ‘Trust Fundraiser’, our training and mentoring programme.

By utilising over 25 years of expertise as a consultancy, Trust Fundraiser is designed to give your staff the skills, resources, and support needed for trust fundraising. You will receive expert advice and one-to-one attention as you seek out, write, and prepare applications for funding. This enables you, or one of your team, to learn from us and take a bit of the Felton Fundraising success back to your organisation.

Over a duration of six months, we will coach and support you to look in the right places for funders, build attractive projects for funding and create clear and concise information to make your fundraising appealing.

Get in touch to find out more about our Trust Fundraiser, training, and mentoring programme.

Training and Mentoring Programme

What’s Included In Our Training And Mentoring Programme?

Maximising your Fundraising Session – Clear direction for charitable trust fundraising, together with advice on implementing a specific appeal. Training covers subjects such as designing appeal information, writing letters and completing application forms.

Brainstorming for Project Ideas Session – Offering an opportunity to work through new ideas and approaches to charitable trust fundraising. Benefit from our experience of what works and what doesn’t and let us help you plan a strategy, and explore the feasibility through to implementation for funding.

Mentoring Sessions – Giving your fundraiser the opportunity to check their progress and ensure that your fundraising campaign to charitable trusts is moving in the right direction. Dedicated input and guidance is given to increasing skills and knowledge around charitable trust fundraising practice.

Research the Funders Session – To look specifically at research techniques that source suitable grant-making organisations to approach. We will give you access to the online sites and help you find a list of funders to approach.

Email or telephone support, or a mixture of both – You choose the content of your support. You can use the time to chat through ideas or funders to approach, or email us your proposed funding bids for us to review and comment on the content.

How Does Training Take Place?

  • Face-to-face training sessions providing clear direction for charitable trust fundraising.
  • Face-to-face mentoring sessions to make sure you’re moving in the right direction.
  • Depending on Covid-19 restrictions, face-to-face training and mentoring might not be available. In which case we will use an online system.
  • Email and/or telephone support available throughout.
Training and Mentoring by Zoom

What Our Clients Say…

“We have been working with Felton Fundraising for over 17 years & cannot thank Richard & the team enough for the amazing benefits they have brought to the organisation. Over the years we have been able to secure funding for resources, equipment & staffing to ensure our service for families affected by disability are of the quality and standard they deserve. Felton goes the ‘extra mile’ to understand our requirements. I have no hesitation in recommending Felton to any charity.”

The Hamlet Charity

“Felton Fundraising is so much more than just a fundraising consultancy. The team not only provide a top-quality service but they totally embrace the heart, core values and mission of the organisations they serve. We value Felton Fundraising as people who believe in what we do and who we are. They are trustworthy in holding our vision and presenting it to those who can help us carry it forward with likeminded hearts. They are always there for us. After 10 years of working together we can speak with experience and say we wouldn’t go anywhere else for fundraising expertise and advice.”

Connects & Co.

Felton Fundraising has been an outstandingly important partner in our work from the very beginning. Providing expert consultancy and friendly support through starting out, highs, lows, and periods of expansion. They are big enough to know what is going on at the macro scale across the charity sector but also understand how to apply their knowledge to the bespoke needs of a relatively small local charity such as ours.”


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