Don’t just take our word for it, here are some of the things people say about working with us…


‘Richard, I would like to thank you on my own behalf for all your endeavours… You have done a splendid job and I’m personally most grateful to you.  I really appreciate your all round investment in us and your thoughtful advice and guidance which goes above and beyond the role.  I am also grateful for the relaxed manner in which we work, and as you know, I have the utmost confidence in you.  This year has been exceptional, hasn’t it?  Well done to you!’


‘Thank you for your hard work I really appreciate working with you, it’s like having mentoring, I said this to Richard once before, working with you guys has been like having ongoing training.  I had never applied for any money before in my life when I started working for a charity and I have been given the confidence to bring in quite a bit of money myself over the years having worked so closely with Felton.’


‘I write to thank you for the splendid help and professional assistance you have given us over the last nine months.  The result has been quite staggering and it is wonderful to think that we have reached our target of £250,000 within such a short space of time.’


‘We have worked with Richard and Sarah since 2009.  The first thing that was initially very encouraging was that they came to meet us to grasp the vision of what we do.  Then a little while later got in touch with me to say they believed it right to work with us to help find the funds we needed to fulfil the mission of Narthex.  The second was that they took the time to understand our DNA as a charity before they wrote any appeals for us.  The third thing is they don’t just do a job, they commit themselves to the vision which enables them to write with passion and clarity.  Since 2009 they have raised over £1.6M for us.  They have also never shied away from being straight with us if they think we are trying to move beyond our ability.  It’s exciting for me to count them as partners in our work, not as a fundraising company but passionate believers in what we do.  I would count them as my friends in ministry, I would also say they are highly professional and exceedingly creative in the ways they present us to funders. Their follow up and presentation skills are second to none.  I have the greatest pleasure in recommending Felton Fundraising as people of integrity, as people of great ability and as people who have a depth of understanding of the world of fundraising that is first class and unparalleled anywhere in the UK.’


‘We have been extremely fortunate to have had Richard Felton and his team provide excellent advice and guidance to our Trustees for more than 20 years. Without a doubt, their depth of knowledge and professional ability in the fundraising field has secured the financial future of the Trust and enabled us to develop and improve services to our disabled and disadvantaged guests.’


‘It is our view that Richard is the best professional fundraiser in the county.’


‘The Trustees were at pains to point out how much they appreciate your continuing support of our work.’


Felton Fundraising has been instrumental in helping underpin our operational costs since 1996.’


‘It was a happy day when we spoke to Felton Fundraising; they are as much a part of the charity now in what we do as the Trustees, tutors and students.’


‘Our charity could not function without regular funds and one of those sources derives from your efforts.  All of the Trustees, therefore, wish me to personally write and thank you for all your hard work.’


‘The fundraising support you have provided has kept us alive this year and meant that we could stay open.’