Why Digital Marketing is Important for Charities…

Digital Marketing for Charities…

It WILL Open Up New Fundraising Opportunities.


As we approach the end of another year filled with uncertainty, we can all say that much has been learnt over the past two years since the Covid-19 pandemic hit our shores. One element which remains a clear and consistent message for all sectors, including Non-profits, is that communication remains key. However, communication methods have changed and embracing these changes have been important for us and our clients alike.

Now more than ever, it’s so important to ensure visibility in your marketplace, and embrace the world of online. As it continues to grow it also presents so many ways to connect with your audience. Our most important finding as a business ourselves since we embraced the digital approach is that it doesn’t have to be costly. There are so many FREE opportunities to market your charity online. The biggest barrier is really having the resources, knowhow, and the confidence to implement.

Here are some interesting stats we sourced from a recent article published by Charity Digital.

  • Charities in the UK reported a 35% increase in online revenue in 2020.
  • According to Blackbaud, Generation X donates more frequently than other generations.
  • According to CAF, there has been a sustained increase in cashless giving since March 2020.
  • According to Non-Profit Source, 25% of people donate using mobile devices.
  • Mobile devices account for 57% of all Internet traffic, and mobile donations continue to grow rapidly.

These statistics are just a handful which confirm the importance of digital marketing. Highlighting specifically the relevance of online donations.

Embracing Digital Marketing

At Felton Fundraising, we were comfortable in our approach to communication. With a healthy client list, and client retention we were also unsure of adjusting to a digital approach to marketing.
We’ve gathered much insight over these difficult months, witnessing the changes our clients have needed to endure throughout lockdown. All of which have highlighted the need to adapt our own marketing strategies. Most importantly we want to share what we have learnt with our clients and those still struggling within the sector.

The Marketing Approach for Felton Fundraising

After a search for the right option for us, we chose a freelance marketing specialist. It gave us…

  • The option to test whether it was the right approach for our needs. We’ve based our freelance contract on what suits both parties.
  • The flexibility to find someone who would work well alongside the Felton team. Not every freelancer will be the right fit.
  • And most importantly find someone with the same values and passion for your clients as the rest of your team. Our values as a business are so important to us. Working within the vulnerable/marginalised charity sector, compassion and passion are must haves.

We’ve learnt that there are many free marketing tools available to utilise. Our marketing specialist believes in an organic approach. Whereby utilising what’s available without additional costs. Ensuring these avenues are fully utilised is the current strategy, therefore our cost is paying for monthly implementation.

Finding the Funds to Pay for Marketing Support

We work with small charities where there isn’t always the financial infrastructure for the foundations for online marketing. Whether that’s to build a new website, manage your social media channels or pay for a specialist to carry out what’s needed. As a charity fundraising consultant, we may be able to help raise those funds you need or as an alternative there are already resources out there available from the government to tap into.

Try the Kickstart Scheme

The government has just extended its Kickstart scheme to March 2022 to help 18–24-year-olds train for specific job roles. You can apply to the scheme to gain 25 hours per week of marketing support through a qualified marketing training company.

You’ll have access to a marketing apprentice as they are training in digital marketing practices. The training company will ensure you receive a suitable candidate. You pay ZERO! After 6 months you then have the opportunity to employ the candidate, or they can move on having gained experience. We can help put you in touch with marketing professionals to see if this opportunity is suitable for your charity’s circumstances.

Utilise Internal Resources

Often for charities each employee will already be busy and have limited remit for adding to their existing task list. However, in some cases there might be that little bit of wiggle room to carry out the less complex marketing activities. It’s always worth asking internally if anyone is looking to add to their hours or branch out into another area of expertise. There are numerous inexpensive marketing courses available to help with the foundations. Take a look at either the CIM or the Digital Marketing Institute.

Online marketing isn’t going away. The opportunities for your charity in the digital arena will only grow. Even the smallest improvement in your online presence will help promote and spread your charity’s message. Make a start today.

For further guidance keep an eye out for our next blog ‘Marketing Tips for Charities’.

If you’re a charity in need of guidance and support, we are here to help through our team of hands-on fundraisers and through our Trust Fundraising coaching and mentoring service. Get in touch to find out more. Complete the form below or email us at info@feltonfundraising.co.uk.


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