Why Choose a Charity Fundraising Consultant?

Our Top Reasons for Choosing a Fundraising Consultant

Charities continue to see an increase in the demand for their services as the pandemic continues while others are still witnessing a significant decrease in their income. Coronavirus has impacted the charitable sector massively, but what support is available to help raise funds and remain operational? Let’s look at how a charity fundraising consultancy can help bridge the gap.

Many charities now run fewer services than pre-pandemic, others have expanded and diversified. As with all business sectors, there are those who have had the opportunity to re-invent, but for others their options have been limited.

At Felton Fundraising, our focus has always been, in the main, to provide fundraising support to small independent charities. Such charities often rely on local assistance and community donations. As a result of government restrictions, limited staff due to the ‘Pingdemic’ and the unfortunate need for cutbacks, means that many charities continue to experience the repercussions from the early days of lockdown.

As well as the above, many smaller charities just don’t have the resources or access to the expertise and contacts required to apply for grants and funding from the charitable trusts and foundations available to them.

Recruitment in particular is not easy within the not-for-profit sector and unfortunately Covid-19 hasn’t helped widen the pool of expertise. Especially when it comes to the knowledge and know-how of fundraising.

This is where opting for a charity fundraising consultant could be the answer. At Felton Fundraising there are two options available. One being outsourcing to us as a consultant through Hands-on Fundraising, and the other being training and mentoring. Giving the opportunity to hone an individual’s skillset to raise finances in-house.

Here are our, top reasons to choose a charity fundraising consultant…

Expertise, Knowledge & Established Connections

Fundraising consultants can be especially helpful for special internal initiatives, fundraising campaigns, as well as anything that falls outside of a team’s usual skillset.

Charity team members will always bring invaluable skills to an organisation; however, they don’t always have the expertise or know-how for embarking on a fundraising journey through bids and appeals. A fundraising consultant will provide the experience, knowledge and the not-for-profit connections needed to create in-roads to broaden the potential for successful outcomes.

They will know and understand best practices, industry standards, and fundraising methods that are already proven to work and benefit the application process. In turn, this means the ability to open doors which could otherwise remain closed. This will widen the variety of information and resources available no matter the charitable sector.

Extra Capacity & Resources

There’s always been a lack of resources for many not for profits. It can be hard to hire enough personnel to cover all the work, processes and policies which need to be adhered to.

When a charity embarks on fundraising for a special project or a campaign, for example, it’s important to have someone who’s whole focus is the initiative at hand. A fundraising consultant does just that. Complete focus on your fundraising goals during the working week and the passion and foresight to strive to meet clear objectives.

Systems & Strategies

When looking for a fundraising consultant, we’d recommend an experienced team with accumulated experience. Experience is so important in this field, especially when there are so many areas of legislation and regulations to comply to. Look specifically at recommendations from connections you have in the charitable sector to give you confidence in your choice.

An expert will help you set priorities, keep to deadlines, as well as measure success. They will have undertaken many past feasibility exercises for organisations and experienced the ups and downs as well as having to work their way through a successful solution and prosperous outcome. 

A reputable consultant will have access to in-depth analysis of fundraising operations in their particular field of expertise, they will have created dozens of appeals and roadmaps for successful fundraising. As well as already proven methods and connections for long-term sustainability. A skillset which will help keep donors engaged and open to offer continuous support beyond the campaign at hand.

Gain a Fresh Outlook

As with any business, a fresh and new perspective can be a massive advantage. Sometimes when we’re too close, we can’t see the wood through the trees. Bringing a fresh set of eyes can uncover avenues which might have otherwise been overlooked. A new look and overview of operations, programmes, and projects will bring a new approach and vision to achieve your long-term goals.

Experienced consultants have worked with many different organisations and know which fundraising ideas work.  In fact, some of those ideas may be unique, creative suggestions that you never would have thought of on your own.

Develop Staff Through Trust Fundraiser

For those who have the resources in numbers to carry out fundraising in-house but need help with their approach, Trust Fundraiser is a proven alternative. As well as teaching the fundamentals, the processes and compliance, our mentors will help individuals nurture expertise they might not have realised they had. They will even help build confidence as well as provide a solid support structure throughout the initial application stage and beyond. With a passionate leader at the helm, you’re sure to be successful. If you add this to our training and mentoring programme, you’ll smash it out of the park!

When to Look to Training & Mentoring?

Your board members may have specified they would rather the tools were gathered internally to make for more effective campaigns. Staff may already be in search of professional development, or you may need help to recruit, educate, and coach both volunteer leaders and staff who naturally have the passion and gumption to see your organisation succeed through the funds raised.

Two clear options, both with excellent guaranteed results.

If you’re a charity in need of guidance and support, we are here to help through our team of hands-on fundraisers and through our Trust Fundraising coaching and mentoring service. Get in touch to find out more. Complete the form below or email us at info@feltonfundraising.co.uk.

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