Trust Fundraising Stumbling Blocks

Our Trust Fundraiser programme often isn’t just about training and mentoring. It sometimes involves looking at potential stumbling blocks that might have or will cause problems when it comes to approaching charitable trusts and foundations.

We encourage those we work with to go back to basics and review their charity’s aims, objectives, and structure together with their various policies and procedures. It can mean unearthing potential problems that can be easily overlooked in the busyness of putting together an application or bid.

When Trust Fundraiser first started, we worked with a lady who had been fundraising for the same charity for over 20 years. Through taking everything back to basics, we helped increase her charity’s grant income by over 30%. Just a few simple tweaks can make all the difference and having an outside perspective can be the key to positive change.

Here are some examples of trust fundraising stumbling blocks to look out for:

  • Is the current charitable status still fit for purpose?
  • A reserves policy that needs updating
  • Annual accounts that show year on year deficits without explanation
  • An insufficient monitoring and evaluation process with clearly defined outcomes
  • Relevant and up to date safeguarding policies.

It’s the simple things that can cause the biggest problems and troubleshooting is all part of the training and mentoring process. Our job is to help who we are working with to be successful whether they are entirely new to grant funding or are a veteran of this fundraising art form. 

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