Covid-19 Fundraising Support

Many have been impacted by the pandemic. This is particularly apparent in the charitable sectors we support. If your charity needs additional guidance during such a difficult time, our team is here to help.  

There Is A Crisis (Covid-19)

Has your fundraising, been impacted by Covid-19?

Covid-19 took us all by surprise and the long-term effects on the overall economy (grant making and otherwise) are still yet unknown. We at Felton Fundraising have vast experience working with charities during such difficult times.

We have helped secure the future of many charities over the years, helping them find a firmer financial footing. We’ve helped build charity’s reserves so that in unprecedented times such as these, they are in a position to continue their services without having to constantly think about funding.

If your charity has been impacted by Covid-19 and you require further fundraising support or guidance, please get in touch.

Covid-19 Support in the Community

Covid-19 Support – How We Can Help Your Charity…


We have received many requests for funding support and guidance as a result of Covid-19. Below are the main services we have available, however, please get in touch if there is anything we can help with which isn’t on the list.


  • Help access emergency grant funding for PPE, hygiene and social distancing costs.
  • Creative idea generation for potential new ways to operate during the pandemic.
  • Secure funding to help charities support those placed in immediate poverty and/or crisis.
  • Apply for grant funding opportunities to implement new projects to address Covid-19.
  • Secure funding for activities post pandemic to address issues such as mental health.
  • Support charities with budget planning and sustainability plans.
  • Adapt fundraising literature to highlight increased operating costs.

What Our Clients Say…

“I am sure that our staff and volunteers and those that benefit from our Coronavirus response services, would like to send their thanks. Your work makes such a difference to so many people.”


“Your support has been critical to our continuing operations this year and we cannot emphasise enough what an asset you are to our work.”


“Many thanks to your team who have probably kept several charities afloat over the last couple of months with the continued sound judgement, lack of panic, and reality checks when needed.”


“Nobody could have foreseen the challenges we’ve had to face this last year, and Felton Fundraising has been a continuous source of funding relief that has allowed us to not only survive, but thrive during the pandemic.”


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