Charitable Trust & Foundation Fundraising is Changing

Charitable Trust & Foundation Fundraising is Changing

Charitable trust and foundation fundraising has long been the place for those unsung hero fundraisers who work tirelessly in the background underpinning many a charities income. It’s often seen as unexciting when compared to those engaged in securing big gifts, corporate support, and events income.

In 2020 the onset of Covid-19 changed all of that and whilst other staff were put on furlough trust and foundation fundraisers provided a lifeline to the charities that they worked for. Other fundraisers suddenly found themselves redeployed and consultants specialising in this area of fundraising were working to full capacity. Suddenly every charity needed some form of bid writing capability.

Trust Fundraising, the Time is Now

It has long been an opinion of Felton Fundraising that charitable trust and foundation fundraising has been both under-appreciated and under-resourced. Who would have guessed that the pandemic could change all of that literally overnight?

The recruitment pages of the various charity employment websites are filled with charitable trust and foundation fundraising positions. Consultants continue to be in big demand and all too soon these unsung heroes will be in the spotlight again. Now is the time for almost all charities to be putting more investment into charitable trust and foundation fundraising whether that be working with consultants such as ourselves, or by perhaps upskilling existing personnel and volunteers. A charity can never have enough fundraising capacity!

Trust Fundraiser Training & Mentoring

In 2013 Felton Fundraising introduced its Trust Fundraiser training and mentoring programme in the hope that it could pass on its skills learnt over some 25 years or more to a new generation of trust and foundation fundraisers.

Working with both the inexperienced and those that have a few more years under their belts, Trust Fundraiser has worked with in excess of twenty-five different trust and foundation fundraisers to help them hone their skills. It offers one to one support in overseeing the implementation of a charitable trust and foundation fundraising appeal/campaign. Its’s led by our very own Richard Felton who is now recognised as an established fundraiser/trainer and coach. Richard gives both his practical on the job advice, his insight, support and understanding that has enabled him and his team to raise in excess of £50 million.

Trust Fundraiser is an investment for any charity so please pass on our details if you know of a charity or someone who could benefit from the programme.

If you yourself are looking for fundraising support and feel training and mentoring could benefit your team, get in touch by calling 01362 667052 or email



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