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The Felton Team: Amanda

Passion is a value which each member of the Felton team has in abundance. It’s important to feel the same level of passion about the charity we are working alongside as the charity’s employees themselves. That’s why each team member is tasked with their own client list to support throughout the Felton relationship.

Our colleague Amanda has been working with Age Concern North Norfolk for a number of years. She has always gone above and beyond in every aspect of her work. In fact, she’s built such an amazing relationship with the charity that she now actively volunteers by taking part in the charity’s ‘befriending call’ service.

The befriending service consists of volunteers who will call older people in their homes at the weekend (Saturday and Sunday), helping provide a guaranteed form of weekly social interaction. Something which was and is especially important for those shielding or unable to leave their homes.

Here’s Amanda’s Experience of Volunteering

The benefits to volunteering are said to be two-fold and this certainly proved the case when I started volunteering for Age Concern North Norfolk back in early March 2020. The Coronavirus pandemic was taking a grip of the country and daily life was about to change dramatically. For many people living on their own, and with limited support networks, their world was about to reduce to an even greater level.

Growing up I’ve always enjoyed the company of older people so I asked Age Concern North Norfolk if any of their clients might welcome the occasional phone call. The answer was yes and the following week I was put in touch with a lovely gentleman who lived locally. I’ll call him Peter as obviously I can’t mention his real name. Peter had experienced a close family bereavement the previous year. He had no local relatives other than a sister some 30 miles away.

I was told to expect a shy response when we talked – “yes”, “no”, “ooh” and this proved to be the case. Yes, we talk about the weather, but gradually we talked about other things such as what we missed doing during lockdown to what we had done during the week as lockdown restrictions eased, trips into town and bus rides along the coast. I always delight when Peter talks unprompted about his childhood, especially what led to his move to Norfolk, of times gone by, as well as his plans for the coming week.

Having never met in person, we have developed a lovely friendship over the past 18 months, speaking every Saturday for a hearty conversation never less than 40 minutes. Peter never fails to thank me for telephoning him, I can always sense his joy when we make arrangements to speak the following week. The feeling is always mutual.

How to Become an Age Concern North Norfolk Volunteer

‘Befriending calls’ such as Amanda’s and Peter’s really can make all the difference to loneliness. If you are interested in signing yourself or a loved one up to this service, please contact Age Concern North Norfolk.



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