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Since the beginning of 2021, the Felton team has helped raise an impressive £2.5 million across an extensive list of clients. These funds have made so much of a difference, especially to those working on community projects in their local areas as support throughout the pandemic and beyond.

Each and every one of our clients truly makes a real difference to the communities they work with. The Felton team works in such a way that they become just as invested in the outcomes of their fundraising endeavours as the charity itself. It’s therefore always a pleasure to hear about the difference such activities make and where the money raised is being spent to help those who need the extra support.

Here’s a handful of some recent charities and their community projects that the Felton team has been helping with.

Pecan Community Projects

Money Raised: £259,000

We have worked closely with Pecan – especially during the course of the Covid-19 pandemic – assisting them to raise over £259,000 since March 2020.

Pecan, based in Peckham, London, is a Christian charity dedicated to bringing hope to individuals and the wider community. Over its 25 years, the charity has seen 27,000 clients flourish through its programmes, including: ex-offenders and their families, refugees and asylum seekers, young people and the long-term unemployed.

The funds raised have helped to deliver projects such as ‘HOurBank’, which has kept the community connected, helped boost wellbeing, as well as support Women’s Services for those who are particularly vulnerable.

Pecan is a vital organisation within the community, managing Southwark Foodbank and supporting access to affordable food for those coming out of crisis, through the Peckham Pantry.

Learn more about Pecan.

All Saints Youth Project

Money Raised: £210,000

All Saints Youth Project in Birmingham wasted no time in moving their activities online with their project #HomeNotAlone during periods of lockdown in 2020. Over the course of the pandemic, we supported All Saints Youth Project to secure almost £210,000 to ensure the sustainability of the charity.

Working with disadvantaged young people and young adults with learning disabilities, their focus has been on supporting mental health and wellbeing, ensuring those in need are not isolated or at risk.

These all-important funds make it possible for the charity to continue to concentrate on the mental wellbeing of the young people who consider the project their lifeline.

Learn more about All Saints Youth Project.

CHESS Homeless

Money raised: £300,000

CHESS Homeless is a charity supporting rough sleepers in Essex. The recent £300,000 raised has made it possible to develop a seven-bedroom facility for the charity. Each room is complete with en-suite bathroom, giving its residents the opportunity for privacy and the home comforts that many of us can take for granted.

“Having Felton Fundraising as a part of the fundraising efforts for CHESS Homeless has made a massive difference to the work that we are able to carry out for the homeless in and around Essex,” says Rob Saggs, Chief Executive Officer at CHESS Homeless.

“Felton Fundraising is so much more than a partner in our efforts, they are an extended part of the team here at CHESS.

The achievement’s that have been gained by them has enabled us to add to our core staff team, purchase a new vehicle, refurbish some of our properties and so much more.

I cannot speak more highly of such a fantastic organisation and team.”

Learn more about CHESS Homeless.


Money raised: £260,000

For the homeless, the pandemic obviously hit very hard. A major issue during lockdown especially was the lack of places where individuals could feel truly safe from the threat of Covid-19.

Last year we were able to secure in excess of £260,000 worth of grants for homeless charity Barnabus. These funds helped support vulnerable people housed in emergency accommodation during ‘lockdown one’ and beyond.

Barnabus has been involved in numerous acts of kindness since the pandemic began… Unfortunately, like many, Covid-19 forced the charity to adjust its ‘drop-in’ provision at the ‘Beacon’ in the heart of Manchester, to a support centre.

The charity had to look at other areas where it could offer additional support while keeping staff and clients safe. This included co-ordinating the delivery of over 40,000 meals and other essential provisions.

Last year they helped over 5000 people – double the number they would usually see! Some were newly in crisis due to job losses and others who presented with complex mental health concerns due to past trauma.

Learn more about Barnabus.

Excelsior Trust

Money Raised: £80,000

For The Excelsior Trust the team needed support to gain the second round of funding from the Government’s £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund. £80,000 was raised to support the historic sailing trawler, The Excelsior, a 100-year-old Lowestoft sailing trawler – a vessel which has become a familiar and much-loved sight off the east coast.

The funding has helped the trust to continue its maintenance programme and retain its crew amid the continuing Coronavirus crisis. The sailing trawler remains an iconic piece of maritime history as well as being open once more to the general public.

Learn more about the Excelsior Trust.

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